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The secret formula to powerful Business Cards

Posted by in branding, business cards, marketing

Tired of people throwing your Business Cards away? Your cards can be powerful stuff, but you need to know how to give them the necessary punch. Here is a secret formula that you can use to turn your ordinary cards into super cards!

Cameras readya�� action!

Dona��t place a standard passport-type photo of yourself on your card. Simply seeing your face wona��t convince customers that you are the right person for the job. What makes you different from the next person? An action photo will definitely make an impact! Replace your mug shot with a picture of you in action and on the job e.g. painting a wall or crafting jewellery.

Build an audience

Business Cards are a great way to promote your company, but it is up to you to take it further than just a name and phone number. Get people to interact with you! Provide links to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and website. Having followers on your social media accounts is good for your reputation and makes it easier for clients to get (and stay) in constant contact with you.

Full Colour Business Cards

Business Cards

Give more than they bargained for

You know your target market the best. What extra info can you place on your cards that will be so practical; your clients wona��t want to throw it away? For example:

  • A make-up artist can give tips for longer lasting lip colour
  • A craft artist can provide the dates of her future craft market shows
  • A coffee shop owner can print a very short and easy cookie recipe

Share the power

If you really want to add some value to your Business Cards, share their power with your clients. Give them something valuable. You can place coupon- or discount codes on your cards that your clients can redeem when they make use of your services or products. More details can be found here. People might be more likely to get in contact with you on the back of something like this, because they will feel that they a�?owea�? you one. Or, it might just make them think youa��re a really swell guy or gal a�� the kind they would love to do business with!

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2 Smart Poster ideas for the small business owner

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Small business owners are often left in the dust by their a�?big brothersa�? when it comes to marketing. But did you know that with well-designed and strategically placed Posters, you can give the big corporates a run for their money?

smart poster ideas

smart poster ideas

Before and after

Use imagery on your material depicting how you can solve your customersa�� problems. The weight loss industry is known for using a�?before and aftera�? pictures to demonstrate how people have lost weight by using their products. You can do the same a�� no matter what type of products or services you are selling.

For example: if you have a gardening service, design a Poster showing a shabby-looking garden overgrown with weeds and include the phrase: a�?Does your garden look like this?a�? Next to it, place a picture of a neat, beautiful garden and the caption: a�?We can make your garden look like this!a�?

By using this method, you make it easier for your customers to visualise the result of doing business with you.

Create a mystery

Play on peoplea��s curiosity. Instead of telling them outright what you are offering, ask a question that they can only get the answer to if they get in touch with you.

For example: a cosmetic store advertising lipstick can ask: a�?Want them to hang on every word you say? Visit our website to find out how.a�?

Brain teasers, puzzles and riddles can also add a little mystery to your Posters. Just dona��t make it too difficult to solve a�� keep it simple, fun and relevant!

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Why you should get a personalized letterhead

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If you are thinking that a Letterhead sounds like just another washed out corporate image thing a�� think again. By personalizing it, your small business can make a very good impression.

Look like a giant

Big companies often overlook businesses that appear small or average. They would rather deal with other giants to ensure that they get the quality and speed they are looking for. A personalized Letterhead says that you are no small fry and that you have a competent workforce behind you. It will also help you appear professional and trustworthy, because you clearly value your companya��s good name.

Even though sticking a nice logo on a piece paper seems like a small thing, it goes toward building your credibility as someone who will get the job done a�� no matter what.

custom letterheads

custom letterheads

Show them you’re not just another fly-by-night

Did you know you can use a personalized Letterhead as a marketing tool? The trick lies in the word: a�?personalized.a�? Go beyond the boring a�?logo and contact detailsa�? approach and truly make it your own.

For example: you can include a photo, a short bio of yourself (even your hobbies) or maybe awards your business has won.

It will make it easier for people to associate themselves with your brand if they know more about you. And even better, if they find they have something in common with you. Think about it. Answers to your questions will be found here. Wouldna��t you rather choose a business partner who shares your love of golf/ wine tasting over one who has no interest in it all?

A personalized Letterhead can increase your chances of getting picked for the team instead of having to watch from the bleachers.

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How memorable is your Business Card?

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Getting creative with your Business Card can be very rewarding. People receive loads of these cards every day, so what makes them decide which ones to keep and which ones to throw away? The answer lies in the impression that your card makes on them!

You can go for simplicity, sophistication or something completely out of the box a�� as long as it is unique and packs a strong punch. New fonts, dashing colours and fresh designs are invented almost daily.

great business card design

great business card design

Your Business Cards doesna��t even have to be printed on paper a�� you can use toys or edible treats to make yours memorable.

Looking for a few fresh ideas? Why not try one of these!

  • Use colour charts for an interior design business
  • Stitch your details on cloth if you are a seamstress
  • Use biscuits to advertise your contact details if you are a baker
  • Go for a futuristic look with holographic or shiny logos
  • Cut your card in the shape of a hammer if you are a handyman or in the shape of a comb if you own a hair salon.
  • Design a small, instantly recognisable cut-out figure of yourself that can pop out of your card.
  • Construct your card in a way that your information slides out of different slots
  • Add a fun activity on your card like a crossword puzzle

Create a strong relation between your Business Card and your occupation, and you are sure to have an instant winner! So, what is your next business card going to look like? Have a look at some of our templates to stir the creative juices. Get creative and place your order online.

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Why use Presentation Folders in my business?

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Branded stationery like Presentation Folders will show that you are professional and serious about your business. It can make a good first impression on a client, or serve to emphasize the positive feeling they already have about you.

As we all know, image is very important in the business world. Clients and business partners will work through a lot of criteria before deciding to buy from or team up with you. You need to make use of every strategy in the book, no matter how big or small, to get their nod of approval. Anything from your clothing and the way you talk to the neatness of your office can result in a yay or nay from a prospective target.

Presentation Folder

Presentation Folder

Emphasize who you are

A branded Presentation Folder might seem like a menial thing, but one should never underestimate the power of a visual representation. You sleep, eat and live your business a�� now show it inside and outside of the workplace.

A smart way to market

The more people see your logo and slogan, the more it will be imbedded in their mind a�� which makes these folders a great marketing tool. But the best of all: your clients wona��t even realise that you are indirectly spreading your marketing message! Instead of overwhelming them with in-your-face communication and appearing like a snake oil salesman, you can subtly push your branding using professional stationery. Get more information on this link.

It is cost-effective

Presentation Folders arena��t only for corporate giants who have unlimited marketing budgets. If produced in bulk, even the small to medium sized business can easily afford it. You dona��t have to choose the most expensive materials either a�� just make sure it looks classy.

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Put the bang in your 2014 with Free Business Cards

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Did you know that Bprint offers Free Business Cards? Why not take advantage of our generosity and start 2014 off with a bang! What can you do with these little cost savers? Glad you asked!

Identify yourself
A Business Card is a professional way to say to the world: a�?Hello, this is me,a�? without having to wear your name (literally) on your sleeve. It could also reveal information about yourself that you otherwise might not bring up in a conversation a�� like your string of professional titles or your email address.

Promote your company
Your companya��s logo and name features prominently on your card. So, give personalized, branded cards to your employees and let them spread your companya��s name a�� along with their own. Not only will this give your employees a sense of pride and belonging, but your business will profit from it in the long run.

FREE Business Cards

FREE Business Cards

Show off your products
Instead of running around with your portfolio under your arm, put your products on your cards. You know the old saying: a�?Seeing is believinga�?? Let your clients see for themselves! If you are a baker, put a mouth-watering photo of your cupcakes on your card and easily reel in prospective customers.

Get a foot in the door
Because Free Business Cards are a keepsake, people will be able to look you up long after the meeting is done and forgotten. Thus, even if you dona��t sign up the client right now, they will be able to get in touch with you further down the line.

And all this a�� for free!

To redeem your Free Business Cards, please visit this page and use this coupon code when checking out to redeem your FREE cards: FREE

Terms & Conditions Apply

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What does your Letterhead say about your company?

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Call it old fashioned, but your companya��s Letterhead is often the first point of contact that customers and suppliers have with your business. It is the ideal way to create a lasting first impression. When is the last time you had a look at yours?

It doesna��t matter if you stick your Letterhead on an email or print it on quality glossy paper a�� it says a lot about your business. From the font type you choose to the colours and the layout; everything represents your brand and gives the reader an idea of who you are and what you do.

Bprint.co.za Letterhead

Bprint.co.za Letterhead

You dona��t want to go too simple, nor do you want to look like you own an upside down carnival (unless you do, which would be pretty rad!)

A good Letterhead should:

a�? Compliment your brand
a�? Say something about your business
a�? Be eye-catching and recognisable
a�? Be simple, yet unique

As with most things in life too much of a good thing is never a good idea. Unfortunately, some companies lose the plot when it comes to their logo and general branding. They want to cram everything into one small design and usually end up with a hot mess.

Look at the following to determine the quality of your Letterhead:

a�? Can I read all the words clearly?
a�? Is here enough space left on the paper to compose messages of different sizes?
a�? Did I use colour wisely?
a�? Does everything make sense?

If you arena��t sure if you have a killer Letterhead or not, try to see it from a customera��s perspective and ask yourself: a�?would I conduct business with a company whose headliner looked like this?a�?

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Tips for writing a promotional Business Flyer

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A�Tips for writing a promotional Business Flyer

Having great graphics on a promotional Business Flyer is half the battle won, but to win the war you need compelling content to convert curiosity into sales. How can you accomplish this?

DL Flyer

DL Flyer

Write your content with your customer in mind. Ask yourself what would appeal to them? If you are writing for a 40-something market, you wouldna��t use the latest hip teenage jargon to sell your product.

Be persuasive and provide a clear call to action. What do you want your customers to do? Buy a product, follow you on social media or subscribe to a service? Dona��t beat around the bush.

Use a catchy headline. Entice your customers into reading your promotional Business Flyer instead of that of your competitors. Your headline will create the first impression and give the reader an indication of what your content is all about. Make it memorable!

Use incentives if you can. Customers will rarely do anything if there isna��t something in it for them. It doesna��t have to be a big reward a�� just a little something extra to make it worth their while. For example give vouchers/ discounts to the first 100 people who follow you on Facebook.

Focus more on benefits than features. Sure your customers want to know that your bathtubs are made from the finest materials, but why should they want one? What will your bathtub do for them? Rather tell them how special/ good/ empowered your product will make them feel instead of telling them how your product came to pass. Read Additional information follow this link.

Go about writing your promotional Business Flyer in a smart way and the rest will follow.

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4 Reasons to use Posters for Advertising

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Big or small, PostersA�have been used for many years to grab the attention of passers-by. It is a kick-ass marketing tool for any business, especially combined with colorful graphics, a strong call to action and expert design.

Examples of Corporate Posters

Examples of Corporate Posters

Here are four reasons why you should use PostersA�for Advertising.

1. Visibility
People take notice of bright and colorful objects, especially at places they frequent often. Put a few Posters up on lamp posts, outside your shop or at a busy shopping mall. The more your Posters are seen, the more likely people are to remember your brand.

2. Low cost
Unlike an advertisement in a magazine or on television, Posters wona��t cost you an arm and a leg. It is relatively cheap to design, print and distribute. Just make sure your message and graphics are relevant to your target market and represents your brand accurately.

3. Conversion
The bottom line with any type of advertisement is to turn potential customers into active ones. People are likely to take notice of Posters when they are stuck in traffic or simply have time to kill. Because of this, people have time to chew on the info for a while and then take action by getting in contact with you.

4. Strategy
Get the most out of your Posters by placing them strategically. If you own a take-away shop, think about where your target (aka hungry customers) is likely to be a�� e.g. at bus stops and sport stadiums.

Cleverly use Posters for Advertising to entice customers a�� without breaking the piggy bank!

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The Importance of Great Branding for Small Business

The Importance of Great Branding for Small Business

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As a printing company a�� we get to see all the good and bad (terrible) designs that come through our factory. This inevitably begs the question: does good design make a difference? We came across this gem on the internet:

The Importance of Great Branding for Small Business

Today, branding has become more affordable and is not limited to big business. A good brand and brand identity does require effort, money and time but ita��s not impossible for small business to achieve now.

What does branding mean? What comes to mind when you hear Adidas, Channel or IBM? The images, personal experiences or thoughts you associate with each of these names is what makes up their brand. A brand is actually the logo, message, design or character of your product or service. If done well it will differentiate your business from competitors in the market, yet reflect the feel of the overall market you operate in.

For instance a naturopatha��s brand would be very different in look and feel to a financial planners brand. The colours used would differ as would the strengths of the icons. It is important to stand out from your competitors but stay in your industry model so as not to confuse your potential buyers/clients.

According to many experts (not just us!), it is vital for small businesses to brand themselves properly. Your logo and other marketing materials can have a great impact on your companya��s success. Branding your business professionally helps you stand out and adds credibility and trust. It tells prospects that you are a professional company who pays attention to detail and invests in your brand and your business.

Some of the Elements of Brand Identity

Your logo, usually a starting point for a brand, symbolizes your commitment, professionalism and message. It standardizes your business and can set you apart from competitors. An attractive brand identity, consisting of logo, brochures, graphics, and other business materials can leave a lasting impression on clients. Remember, choose colour scheme, design, feel and over all look of your logo carefully and be consistent about it.

Adding a tagline or positioning statement is important to consider as part of your brand identity. Brands should include a statement which succinctly explains what you do, or how you help a prospective client, especially if you are a new business. It doesna��t need to be complicated, in fact it is better if it is simple, however if you are a new business it may have to explain what you do more accurately. For instance Nike a�� Just do it. is fine for an international well known brand but if you are a lesser known merino breeder, like our client Woodyarrup Stud, then a tagline like theirs is better at explaining what they do Breeders of Money Making Merinos.

Investing in professional brand identity with a quality agency is a sound business decision which will pay off ten fold in the future. It will make a big difference between being taken seriously in the market place and getting lost in the noise. Once your logo is designed remember to keep your brand consistent throughout your marketing materials. This is critical as you will avoid confusion and enhance buyer/client loyalty.

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